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Adaptive front lighting system (AFS)

without AFS A with AFS B

The AFS adjusts the headlamp dipped beam depending on vehicle direction and speed. It improves visibility when you are driving at night and helps to reduce headlamp glare for oncoming drivers.

The headlamps will also move when the vehicle is stationary and the steering wheel is turned. To prevent headlamp glare for the oncoming traffic, they will only move towards the passenger side of the vehicle.

The system will not operate when you have switched on the daytime running lamps or when you have selected reverse gear.

To activate the AFS when the daytime running lamps are activated, turn the lighting control to position C. See Lighting control.A message will appear in the information display and the headlamp indicator flashes if the system malfunctions. See Information messages.The headlamps will move to a fixed central or dipped position. Have the system checked as soon as possible.

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