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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Alarm

Disarming the engine immobiliser
The engine immobiliser is disarmed automatically when you switch the ignition on with a correctly coded key. The indicator in the instrument cluster will come on for approximately three seconds a ...

Arming the alarm
The system is armed as soon as the vehicle is locked and acts as a deterrent to unauthorised persons who attempt to open the doors, bonnet or luggage compartment, or remove the audio system. T ...

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Ford Focus Body Sealer Types And Applications - Description and Operation
Seam Sealer Seam Sealer TA-2 or equivalent: is a heavy-bodied, non-sag adhesive/sealer for use on standing cosmetic seams, truck bed seams, tooled door skin seams and floor pans. can be used on water leaks and noise concerns. Clear Silicone Rubber Clear Silicone Rubber TA-32 or eq ...

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