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Ford Focus Service Manual: Battery and Cables

Vehicles are equipped with a 12-volt, maintenance-free battery.

The battery and cable system consists of the following components:

The battery is a 12V DC source connected in a negative ground system. The battery case is sealed with 2 vent holes to release gases. The battery has 3 major functions:

Ford Motor Company strongly recommends that lead-acid batteries be returned to an authorized recycling facility for disposal.

Battery Cables
  Item Part Number Description 1 W705661-S Battery ground cable body terminal bolt 2 14463 Battery ground cable body terminal (part of 14A280) ...

Battery Tray
Removal and Installation Remove the battery. For additional information, refer to Battery in this section. Remove the 3 nuts from the battery tray. To install, tighten to 12 Nm (1 ...

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