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Ford Focus Service Manual: Brake Shoes

Item Specification
Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound XG-3-A ESE-M1C171-A

Item Part Number Description
1 2A225 Lower return spring
2 Upper return spring (part of 2A225)
3 Parking brake return spring (part of 2A225)
4 2K286 Adjustment strut
5 Brake shoe hold-down clip (2 required) (part of 2A225)
6 Brake shoe hold-down pin (2 required) (part of 2A225)
7 2200 Primary brake shoe
8 Secondary brake shoe (part of 2200)

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the parking brake control boot.
    • Release the boot clip.
    • Lift the boot upward and over the parking brake control handle.
  1. NOTE:

    Make sure the rear brakes are cool to the touch.

    Move the parking brake control to the fully released position.

  1. Relieve the tension on the parking brake cable.
    • Loosen the adjustment nut.
  1. Remove the brake drum. For additional information, refer to Brake Drum in this section.
  1. Remove the hold-down clips and pins.
  1. NOTE:

    Do not allow the wheel cylinder pistons to fall out of the wheel cylinder bore.

    Disconnect the brake shoes from the wheel cylinder.

    • Using a suitable tool, hold the wheel cylinder pistons in place.
  1. Release the shoes from the backing plate.
  1. Disconnect the parking brake cable.
    • Push the lever inward.
    • Release the cable from the lever.
  1. Remove the lower return spring.
  1. Remove the upper return spring.
  1. Remove the primary shoe from the strut and brake shoe adjuster.
    • Pull the shoe outward.
    • Disconnect the strut and adjuster.
    • Release the strut and adjuster.
  1. NOTE:

    The strut support spring is under tension.

    Remove the secondary shoe from the support.

    • Move the strut downward.
    • Disconnect the parking brake return spring.
  1. Clean, check and apply silicone grease to the brake shoe contact points on the brake backing plate.
  1. NOTE:

    Make sure that all mating surfaces are free of foreign material.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

  1. NOTE:

    The internal auto-adjuster must be set and the brake shoes centralized to the brake drum.

    Adjust the brake shoes. For additional information, refer to Brake Shoe Adjustment in this section.

  1. Adjust the parking brake cable. For additional information, refer to Section  206-05.
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