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Ford Focus Service Manual: Description

The PID mode allows access to powertrain control module (PCM) information. This includes analog and digital signal inputs and outputs along with calculated values and the system status. There are two types of PID lists available and both are used throughout this manual. The first is the generic (J1979) OBD PID list. This is a standard set of PIDs that all scan tools must be able to access. The second is a Ford specific (J2190) list which can be accessed by an appropriate scan tool. When accessing any of these PIDs, the values are continuously updated. The generic or Ford PID list provides definitions and values in appropriate units.

Parameter Identification (PID)

Generic OBD PID List
An X in the Freeze Frame column denotes both a mode 1 and mode 2 PID (real time and freeze frame). Freeze Frame Acronym Description Measurement Units X APP_D Acce ...

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