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Ford Focus Service Manual: Driveline System

The driveline system consists of the following:

The transaxle contains the differential assembly. The differential receives torque directly from the transmission. Inside the differential, side gears are splined to the right inboard CV joint and intermediate shaft. The differential allows the halfshaft and intermediate shaft to be driven at different speeds as required, such as when cornering. The rotational direction of the halfshafts determines the vehicle movement. The articulation of the front wheels, both in steering and normal jounce and rebound, is controlled by the CV joint. Both plunge and multi-ball style CV joints are used. The CV joints are permanently lubricated with a special high temperature grease and require no periodic maintenance.

Halfshaft Handling

NOTICE: Excessive pulling force on the interconnecting shaft between the joints of the halfshaft will result in internal joint damage and separation. Axial loads used in assisting removal should be applied through the inboard joint housing only. Handle the halfshaft only by the interconnecting shaft to avoid pull-apart and potential damage to the Constant Velocity (CV) joints. Do not over-angle the CV joints. Damage will occur to an assembled inner CV joint if it is over-plunged outward from the joint housing.


Never use the halfshaft assembly as a lever to position other components. Always support the free-end of the halfshaft. Do not allow the boots to contact sharp edges or hot exhaust components.

Handle all halfshaft components carefully during removal and installation procedures.



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