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Ford Focus Service Manual: Engine - 2.0L - Assembly

Core Plug Replacement - Engine System
Special Tool(s) Slide Hammer 100-001 (T50T-100-A) Material Item Specification Threadlock 262 TA-26 WSK-M2G351-A6 All core plugs ...

Special Tool(s), General Equipment, Material
Special Tool(s)  Aligner, Clutch Disc 308-006 (T71P-7137-H) Aligner, Crankshaft Sensor 303-1417 Alignment Plate, Camsha ...

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Ford Focus Storage compartments
Front storage compartment WARNING: Never drive with the front storage compartment lid open. This will obscure your vision out of the windscreen. Before setting off, always ensure that the lid is securely engaged. Note: Avoid keeping heat-sensitive objects and liquids in the front stora ...

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