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Ford Focus Service Manual: Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve

Ford Focus Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Emissions / Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve

Item Specification
Motorcraft Metal Surface Prep ZC-31-A

Removal and Installation

Item Part Number Description
1 18C266 Heater hose
2 W527302 Heater hose clamp
3 8K556 Coolant outlet adapter
4 8B274 Upper radiator hose
5 Upper radiator hose clamp (part of 8B274)
6 9D476 EGR valve gasket
7 9D475 EGR valve
8 W500225 EGR valve bolt (2 required)
9 14A464 EGR valve electrical connector
10 14A624 Engine wiring harness electrical connector (2 required)
11 14A301 Engine wiring harness electrical connector bracket
12 14A464 PCM electrical connector
13 12A650 PCM

  1. Drain the cooling system. For additional information, refer to Section  303-03.
  1. Remove the Air Cleaner (ACL) outlet pipe. For additional information, refer to Section  303-12.
  1. Disconnect the 2 engine wiring harness electrical connectors and release them from the bracket.
  1. Disconnect the center PCM electrical connector.
  1. Disconnect the EGR valve electrical connector.
  1. Release the clamp and remove the upper radiator hose from the coolant outlet adapter.
  1. Release the clamp and remove the heater hose from the EGR valve.
  1. Remove the 2 bolts and the EGR valve.
    • Discard the gasket.
    • To install, tighten to 20 Nm (177 lb-in).
  1. NOTICE: Do not use metal scrapers, wire brushes, power abrasive discs or other abrasive means to clean the sealing surfaces. These tools cause scratches and gouges that make leak paths. Use a plastic scraping tool to remove all traces of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve gasket.


    If there is no residual gasket material present, metal surface prep can be used to clean and prepare the mating surfaces.

    Clean the mating surfaces of any residual gasket material.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
    • Install a new EGR valve gasket.
  1. Fill and bleed the cooling system. For additional information, refer to Section  303-03.
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