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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Fuel quality - Diesel


Do not mix diesel with oil, petrol or other liquids. This could cause a chemical reaction.


Do not add kerosene, paraffin or petrol to diesel. This could cause damage to the fuel system.

Note: We recommend that you use only high quality fuel without additives or other engine treatments.

Note: We do not recommend the prolonged use of additives intended to prevent fuel waxing.

Use diesel that meets the specification defined by EN 590, or equivalent.

You can use diesel that contains up to 5% RME (bio diesel).

Long-term storage

Most diesel fuels contain bio-diesel, it is recommended to fill the tank with purely mineral diesel (where available) or add an anti-oxidant prior to long-term storage of your vehicle exceeding two months. Your dealer can help you with a suitable anti-oxidant.

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