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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Information messages

Press the SET/RESET button to acknowledge and remove some messages from the information display.

Other messages will be removed automatically after a short time.

Certain messages need to be confirmed before you can access the menus.

Message indicator

The message indicator illuminates to supplement some messages. It will be red or amber depending on the severity of the message and will remain on until the cause of the message has been rectified.

Message symbols

See Owner’s handbook.

Have the system checked at the next service.

Have the system checked as soon as possible.

Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.

Viewing current messages

Type 2 and 3

1. Use the rotary control to enter the main menu.

2. Highlight Messages and press the SET/RESET button.

3. Use the rotary control to view the current messages.

4. Press SET/RESET to acknowledge the message and exit the menu.

Convertible top

Doors open

Keyless system



Power steering


Tyre pressure monitoring system

Stability control (ESP)

Personalised settings
1. Use the rotary to enter the main menu. 2. Press the SET/RESET button to choose a sub-menu and adjust the settings. ESP Select this option to activate or deactivate ESP. 1. Use the rotary ...

Climate control

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