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Ford Focus Owners Manual: ISOFIX anchor points

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Child safety / ISOFIX anchor points

ISOFIX anchor points


Use only ISOFIX child seats we recommend.

You can fit ISOFIX child restraints using the ISOFIX anchor points.

The ISOFIX system comprises of two rigid attachment arms on the child restraint that attach to anchor points on the rear seats, where the cushion and backrest meet. Tether anchor points may also be fitted.

All except convertible


Use an anti-rotation device when using the ISOFIX system. We recommend that you use a top tether or a support leg.

Attaching a child restraint with a top tether


Do not attach a tether strap to anything other than the correct tether anchor point.

Route the tether strap to the anchor point.

Tighten the tether strap to the manufacturer's instructions.

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