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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Locks

Changing the remote control battery
Make sure that you dispose of old batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Seek advice from your local authority regarding recycling. Remote control with a folding key blade 1. Inse ...

Locking and unlocking
Central locking You can only centrally lock the doors if they are all closed. Note: The driver’s door can be unlocked with the key. This needs to be used if the remote control or keyless entry ...

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Ford Focus Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Deactivation and Reactivation
Deactivation WARNING: Always carry a live airbag with the deployment door, trim cover or tear seam pointed away from the body. Do not place a live airbag down with the deployment door, trim cover or tear seam facing down. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious personal ...

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