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Ford Focus Owners Manual / Climate control / Manual climate control

Air distribution control

Windscreen A Footwell and windscreen B Footwell C Face level and footwell D Face level E Face level and windscreen F

You can set the air distribution control to any position between the symbols.


Off A

Note: If you switch the blower off, the windscreen may mist up.

Recirculated air

Press the button to toggle between outside air and recirculated air.

Heating the interior quickly


Set the air distribution control, blower and air vents to suit your requirements.

Air conditioning

Switching the air conditioning on and off

If you turn the blower off, the air conditioning will turn off. When you turn the blower on again, the air conditioning will come on automatically.

Cooling with outside air

Cooling the interior quickly

Defrosting and demisting the windscreen

When the temperature is above 4°C (39°F), the air conditioning will switch on automatically. Make sure that the blower is on. The indicator in the switch will illuminate during defrosting and demisting.

If you move the air distribution control to a position other than A, the A/C will remain on.

You can switch the air conditioning and recirculated air on and off while the air distribution control is set to position A.

If necessary, switch the heated windows on. See Heated windows and mirrors.

Reducing interior air humidity

Air vents
Air vents ...

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