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Ford Focus Service Manual: Module Controlled Functions

Smart Junction Box (SJB)

The SJB is located under the instrument panel on the driver side (left of the steering column) has control of the following systems:

Refer to the appropriate section in this manual for system specific information and diagnostics.

Battery Saver


Time-out is 1 minute if the vehicle has less than 80 km (50 miles).

The SJB provides automatic shut-off of some system controlled components after a time-out period in order to save battery voltage. A timer in the SJB is started when the ignition is turned OFF and all the doors are closed. When 10 minutes have elapsed, the voltage is automatically shut off by the SJB . While the SJB has voltage disabled, if the ignition changed out of OFF, any door becomes ajar, the UNLOCK button of the RKE transmitter is pressed, a valid keypad code is entered, or the instrument panel dimmer switch is pressed, the SJB restores voltage and starts the timer again.

Post Crash Alert Feature

The post crash alert is a function controlled by the SJB . If the Restraints Control Module (RCM) determines an impact of enough severity (the air bags may or may not be deployed), the post crash alert function is activated. The post-crash alert function activates the hazard lamp function and cycles the horn on 3 times, then off for 4 seconds, and repeats this cycle until the battery is discharged or the function is turned off. The post crash alert function can be turned off by:

Powertrain Control Module

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
  Item Part Number Description 1 14A464 PCM electrical connector (3 required) 2 W505423 PCM bolt (2 required) 3 12A650 PCM ...

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