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Ford Focus Service Manual: Multifunction Display

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Item Part Number Description
1 7804302 Instrument panel upper finish panel
2 W710147-S Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) screws (3 required)
3 FDIM electrical connector (part of 14401)
4 14D008 FDIM

Removal and Installation

  1. NOTE:

    Module configuration is only required if a new Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) is being installed.

    Upload the FDIM configuration information to the scan tool. For additional information, refer to Programmable Module Installation (PMI) in Section  418-01.

  1. Remove the instrument panel upper finish panel by pulling straight up.
  1. Remove the 3 FDIM screws.
  1. Remove the FDIM .
    • Disconnect the electrical connector.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
    • Download the configuration information to the FDIM . For additional information, refer to PMI in Section  418-01.
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