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Ford Focus Service Manual: Parking Brake and Actuation

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The parking brake system consists of the following components:

The parking brake system is cable operated and controlled by an independent hand-operated parking brake control. The parking brake control actuates the rear brake shoes directly through a cable system.

A red brake warning indicator, located in the instrument cluster, will illuminate to signal the driver that the parking brake is applied. For information and diagnosis of the brake warning indicator, refer to Section  413-01.

Parking Brake Control
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Parking brake switch electrical connector (part of 14A318) 2 — Parking brake cable equalizer (part of 2A6 ...

Parking Brake Cable
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Equalizer (part of 2A635) 2 W505263 Parking brake cable bracket bolt 3 W703313 Parking bra ...

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