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Ford Focus Service Manual: Seals, Rings and Gasket Locator

Seals, Rings and Gaskets

Item Part Number Description
1 7D402 Piston assembly — reverse clutch
2 7A262 Piston assembly — direct clutch
3 7H359 Piston — direct clutch balance
4 7A262 Piston — low/reverse clutch
5 W706316-S300 O-ring — Turbine Shaft Speed (TSS)
6 7H360 Piston — forward clutch balance
7 7A262 Piston assembly — forward clutch
8 7D019 Seals — forward and direct clutch cylinder (4 required)
9 7A248 Seal assembly — pump
10 7A248 Seal — pump
11 1177 Seal assembly — differential
12 W706315-S300 O-ring — Output Shaft Speed (OSS) sensor
13 7N266 Seal — valve body (2 required)
14 7B498 Seal — manual control shaft (2 required)
15 7Z302 Seal — transmission fluid filter
16 7D024 Seal — overdrive servo cover
17 7D021 Piston and seal assembly — intermediate and overdrive servo
18 7Z490 Gasket — solenoid body
19 7C155 Gasket — control valve body
20 7R284 Seal — case cover (2 required)
21 7D020 Seal — reverse clutch cylinder (2 required)
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