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Ford Focus Service Manual: Spoiler - Roof

Item Part Number Description
1 550B03 Roof-mounted spoiler
2 Roof-mounted spoiler double-sided tape (part of 550B03)
3 Roof-mounted spoiler mounting grommet (part of 550B03)

Removal and Installation


The roof-mounted spoiler is a one-time use only component. A new spoiler must be installed.

  1. Using a piano wire, braided fishing line, or equivalent tool, cut the double-sided adhesive tape on the front edge of the roof-mounted spoiler.
  1. NOTE:

    This step requires the aid of an assistant.

    Push up on the ends of the spoiler as the tape is cut and the studs are pulled out of the grommets.

  1. Remove and discard the roof-mounted spoiler mounting grommets.
    • Pull upward to release the grommets from the roof.
  1. NOTE:

    Before installing the new roof-mounted spoiler, clean the roof-mounted spoiler mounting area with an appropriate alcohol-based cleaner.

    Make sure all of the old pressure-sensitive tape is removed from the roof-mounted spoiler mounting area.

  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

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