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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Steering wheel

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Steering wheel

Disarming the alarm
The anti-theft alarm system can be deactivated at any time – even when the alarm is sounding – by unlocking the vehicle from the outside. The anti-theft alarm system for the tailgate is dea ...

Adjusting the steering wheel
WARNING: Never adjust the steering wheel when the vehicle is moving. Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. See Sitting in the correct position. WARNING: Make sur ...

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Special Tool(s) Heat Gun 107-R0300 or equivalent Holding Fixture, Transmission 307-003 (T57L-500-B) Remover, Pilot Bearing 308-001 (T38L-101-B) Disassembly Clean the transaxle exterior with solvent and dry with c ...

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