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Ford Focus Owners Manual / Maintenance / Technical specifications

Vehicle fluids

1 Providing it meets the specification defined by WSS-M2C913-C, you can also use Ford Engine Oil or an alternative engine oil.

2 On vehicles with a 2.5L Duratec-RS engine, use only this oil.

Topping up the oil: If you are unable to find an oil that meets the specification defined by WSS-M2C913-C, you must use SAE 5W-30 (preferred), SAE 5W-40 (except vehicles with E85 fuel) or SAE 10W-40 that meets the specification defined by either ACEA A5/B5 (preferred) or ACEA A3/B3. Using these oils can result in longer engine cranking periods, reduced engine performance, reduced fuel economy and increased emission levels.

Castrol engine oil recommended.


Washer fluid check
The front and rear washer systems are supplied from the same reservoir. ...

Vehicle care

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