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Ford Focus Service Manual: Transaxle Draining and Filling

Item Specification
Motorcraft® Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid XT-M5-QS WSD-M2C200-C
  1. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. For additional information, refer to Section  100-02.
  1. Remove the drain plug and drain the transaxle.
  1. Clean and install the drain plug.
    • Tighten to 35 Nm (26 lb-ft).
  1. NOTE:

    Before removing, clean the area around the filler plug.

    Remove the fill plug.

  1. Using a suitable oil suction gun, fill the transaxle to the correct level with the specified fluid.
    • Transaxle fluid level: 0.0-5.0 mm (0.0-0.2 in) below the lower edge of the filler plug bore.

  1. Install the fill plug.
    • Tighten to 35 Nm (26 lb-ft).
Transaxle Description
The 4F27E is a fully automatic, electronically controlled 4-speed transaxle designed for Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles. Its abbreviated designation 4F27E means: 4 — 4-speed transmission ...

Transaxle Filler Tube
Material Item Specification Motorcraft® MERCON® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-10-QLVC (US); CXT-10-LV12 (Canada) MERCON® LV Transaxle Filler Tube ...

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