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Ford Focus Service Manual: Trunklid/Tailgate/Cargo Doors

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Doors and Enclosures / Trunklid/Tailgate/Cargo Doors

Interior Door Handle - Rear
NOTE: LH side shown, RH side similar.   Item Part Number Description 1 7822601 Rear interior door handle 2 23942 Rear door interior trim panel ...

Luggage Compartment Lid
  Item Part Number Description 1 5440110 Luggage compartment lid 2 W700718 Luggage compartment lid hinge-to-luggage compartment lid bolts ...

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Ford Focus Bushings, Bearing and Thrust Washer Locator
Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers   Item Part Number Description 1 7C041 Bearing assembly — rear sun gear thrust No. 3 2 7H337 Bearing assembly — front sun gear thrust No. 5 3 7H375 Bearing assembly — front planet c ...

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