Ford Focus manuals

Ford Focus Service Manual: Wheels/Tires

Wheel Speed Sensor - Rear
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Wheel speed sensor bolt (part of 2C204) 2 2C204 Wheel speed sensor Removal and Installation W ...

Wheel and Tire - Disassembly and Assembly
Special Tool(s) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 204-354   Item Part Number Description 1 1508 Tire 2 1007 Wheel ...

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Ford Focus Transaxle - Removal (Automatic Transaxle/Transmission — 4F27E)
Special Tool(s) Adapter for 303-290A 303-290-01 Adapter for 303-290A (Support Leg) 303-290-03A Retainer, Torque Converter 307-346 (T97T-7902-A) Support Bar, Engine 303-290A Removal NOTE: Re ...

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