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Automatic climate control

The system controls the temperature, amount and distribution of the air flow automatically and adjusts them according to the driving and weather conditions.

Pressing the AUTO button once switches on the auto mode.

The system in your vehicle is dual-zone automatic climate control. When the system is in mono mode, all the temperature zones are linked to the driver's zone. When you switch mono mode off, the dual-zone system allows you to set different temperatures for the driver's and front passenger's side.

Note: Avoid adjusting the settings when the vehicle interior is extremely hot or cold. The automatic climate control adjusts to the current circumstances automatically. For the system to function properly, the side and centre vents should be fully open.

Note: The sunload sensor is located on top of the instrument panel. Do not cover the sensor with any objects.

Note: At low outside temperatures, when the system is in auto mode, the air stream will be directed to the windscreen and the side windows as long as the engine is cold.

Note: A description of the Ford DVD-Navigation System in combination with the automatic climate control is provided in the separate manual.

Setting the temperature

You can set the temperature between 16ºC and 28ºC in steps of 0.5ºC. In position LO (below 16ºC) the system will switch to permanent cooling, in HI (above 28ºC) to permanent heating, and not regulate a stable temperature.

Mono mode

In mono mode, the temperature settings for both the driver’s and passenger’s side are linked. If you adjust the temperature using the rotary control on the driver’s side, the settings will be adjusted to the same setting on the passenger’s side. In mono mode, MONO appears in the display.

To switch mono mode off

Select a temperature for the passenger’s side with the rotary control on the passenger’s side. Mono mode will switch off and MONO disappears from the display. The temperature for the driver’s side will remain unchanged. You can now adjust the driver and passenger side temperatures independently of each another. The temperature settings for each side are shown in the display. You can set a temperature difference of up to 4ºC.

Note: If you set a temperature of greater than 4°C, the temperature on the other side will be adjusted so that the difference remains 4°C.

Note: If you set one of the sides to HI or LO, both sides will be set to HI or LO.

To switch mono mode back on

To switch mono mode back on, press the MONO button. MONO reappears in the display and the passenger’s side temperature will be adjusted to the driver’s side temperature.


Use the buttons to adjust the blower speed.

The blower setting is indicated in the display.

To return to auto mode, press the AUTO button.

Air distribution

Footwell A Face level B Windscreen C

To adjust air distribution, press the desired button. Any combination of settings can be selected simultaneously.

When you select windscreen defrosting and demisting, A, B and C switch off automatically and the air conditioning switches on. Outside air will flow into the vehicle. You cannot select recirculated air.

Windscreen defrosting and demisting

Press the windscreen defrosting and demisting button. Outside air will flow into the vehicle. Air conditioning is automatically selected. As long as the air distribution is set to this position, you cannot select recirculated air.

The blower speed and the temperature control operate automatically and cannot be adjusted manually. The blower is set to high speed and the temperature to HI.

When you select windscreen defrosting and demisting, the heated screens switch on automatically and switch off after a short time.

To return to auto mode, press the AUTO button.

Switching the air conditioning on and off

Press the A/C button to switch the air conditioning on and off. A/C OFF appears in the display when the air conditioning is switched off.

A/C ON appears in the display when the air conditioning is switched on.

Recirculated air

Press the recirculated air button to toggle between outside air and recirculated air.

Note: When the system is in auto mode and the interior and exterior temperatures are quite hot, the system selects recirculated air automatically to maximise cooling of the interior. Once the selected temperature is reached, the system will reselect outside air automatically.

Switching off the automatic climate control

Press the OFF button.

When switched off, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is switched off and recirculated air is selected.

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