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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Electric sunroof

Electric sunroof


Before operating the electric sunroof you should verify it is free of obstructions and ensure that children and/or pets are not in the proximity of the sunroof opening. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury. It is the primary responsibility of the supervising adults to never leave a child unattended in a vehicle and to never leave the keys in an unattended vehicle.

Note: When the switches are operated often during a short period of time, the system might become inoperable for a certain time to prevent damage due to overheating.

Note: The electric sunroof can also be operated with the ignition off via the global opening and global closing function. See Global opening and closing.

There are two ways of opening the sunroof – the rear of the sunroof lifts open or the sunroof opens from the front, sliding back under the roof. The sunroof opens and closes whilst the switch is pressed.

Switch on the ignition to operate the electric sunroof.

The power sunroof is operated by a switch located between the sun visors.

Opening and closing the sunroof

Press to close A Press to open B

Tilting the sunroof

Press to open A Press to close B

Opening and closing the sunroof automatically

Note: When opening automatically, the sunroof will stop about 8 cm from the fully opened position. This position reduces the buffeting noise which is sometimes heard when the sunroof is fully open. The sunroof will only stop automatically in this position when the sunroof is opened automatically.

To open or close the sunroof automatically press either side of the switch to the second action point and release it completely. Press again to stop.

When the closed position is reached, the sunroof stops automatically.

Sunroof anti-trap protection


The anti-trap function is deactivated until the memory has been reset.

Careless closing of the window can cause injuries.

Careless closing of the electric sunroof can override the anti-trap protection and cause injuries.

The sunroof will stop automatically while closing and reverse some distance if there is an obstacle in the way.

To override anti-trap protection when there is a resistance, e. g. in the winter, proceed as follows:


While the sunroof is being closed for the third time, the anti-trap function is disabled. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the closing sunroof.

Close the sunroof a third time to the resistance. The anti-trap function is disabled and the sunroof cannot be closed automatically. The sunroof will override the resistance and can then be closed fully.

If the sunroof does not close after the third attempt, have it checked by an expert.

Sunroof safety mode


The anti-trap function is not active during this procedure. Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the closing sunroof.

If the system detects a malfunction, it enters a safety mode. The sunroof will move for only about 0.5 seconds at a time and then stop again. Close the sunroof by pressing the button again when the sunroof stops moving. When the rear of the sunroof is lifted, lift the rear all the way and then close the sunroof. Have the system checked by an expert immediately.

Sunroof relearning


The anti-trap function is not active during this procedure. Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the closing sunroof.

In case the sunroof no longer closes properly, follow this relearning procedure:

• Tilt the rear of the sunroof as far as possible. Release the button.

• Press and hold the same button again for 30 seconds until you see the sunroof move.

• Release the button and immediately press and hold it again. The sunroof will close, open fully and then close again. Do not release the button before the sunroof has reached the closed position for the second time.

If the button is not pressed continuously, the relearning function will be interrupted.

Start the procedure once more from the beginning.

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