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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Glove box

Cooled glove box

Note: You can cool the glove box using air from the air conditioning system.

Auxiliary power sockets
CAUTION: If you use the socket when the engine is not running, the battery may discharge. Note: You can use the socket to power 12 volt appliances that have a maximum current rating of 10 Ampe ...

Storage compartments
Front storage compartment WARNING: Never drive with the front storage compartment lid open. This will obscure your vision out of the windscreen. Before setting off, always ensure that the ...

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Ford Focus Evaporative Emission Canister
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Vapor tube-to-Evaporative Emission (EVAP) canister quick connect coupling (part of 9C047) 2 9E857 EVAP canister 3 W707142 EVAP canister nut (3 required) 4 — Fuel vapor ...

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