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Using the system with the engine off will drain the battery.

Voice recognition enables operation of the system without the need to divert your attention from the road ahead in order to change settings, or receive feedback from the system.

Whenever you issue one of the defined commands with the system active, the voice recognition system converts your command into a control signal for the system. Your inputs take the form of dialogues or commands. You are guided through these dialogues by announcements or questions.

Please familiarise yourself with the functions of the system before using voice recognition.

Supported commands

The voice control system allows you to control the following vehicle functions:

• Bluetooth phone.

• radio.

• CD Player/CD Changer.

• external device (USB).

• external device (iPod).

• SD card.

• automatic climate control.

• navigation system (DVD units only - refer to separate DVD navigation handbook).

Note: The voice control system is language specific. If you require the system to operate in another language please consult your dealer.

System response

As you work through a voice session the system will prompt you with a beep tone each time the system is ready to proceed.

Do not try to give any commands until the beep tone has been heard. The voice control system will repeat each spoken command back to you.

If you are not sure how to continue say "HELP" for assistance or "CANCEL" if you do not wish to continue.

The "HELP" function provides only a subset of the available voice commands.

Detailed explanations of all possible voice commands can be found on the following pages.

Voice commands

All voice commands should be given using a natural speaking voice, as if speaking to a passenger or on the phone. Your voice level should be dependant on the surrounding noise level inside or outside the vehicle but do not shout.

Voice control

Using voice control
System operation The order and content of the voice controls are given in the following lists. The tables show the sequence of user voice commands and system responses for each available function ...

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