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Ford Focus Service Manual: Safety Belt Maintenance

Ford Focus Service Manual / Vehicle - General / Safety Belt Maintenance


WARNING: All safety
belt components must be inspected and corrected as part of any collision repair. Inspect all safety belt components as prescribed by Safety Belt Inspection and Repair After a Collision found in Section 501-20A General Procedures of this manual. Failure to follow this instruction may result in incorrect operation of the safety belt system and increase the risk of serious personal injury or death in a crash.

  1. Periodically inspect the safety belt assemblies for damage and that they remain in correct operating condition, particularly if they have been subjected to severe stress.

  1. Before installing the new safety belt assembly, inspect the safety belt retaining areas for damage and distortion. If the retaining points are damaged and distorted, work the sheet metal back to its original shape and structural integrity.

  1. Install the new safety belt(s) using the appropriate instructions. Carry out the appropriate Functional Test procedure for all seating positions.

    Refer to: Safety Belt System (501-20A Safety Belt System, Diagnosis and Testing).




Reference Value Parameter Identification (PID)/Measured Signal Chart
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