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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Vehicle care

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Vehicle care

Technical specifications
Vehicle fluids 1 Providing it meets the specification defined by WSS-M2C913-C, you can also use Ford Engine Oil or an alternative engine oil. 2 On vehicles with a 2.5L Duratec-RS engine, use ...

Cleaning the exterior
WARNING: If you use a car wash with a waxing cycle, make sure that you remove the wax from the windscreen. CAUTIONS: Some car wash installations use water at high pressure. This could damag ...

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Ford Focus Clockspring
  Item Part Number Description 1 3530 Upper steering column shroud 2 — Steering wheel rotation sensor electrical connector (if equipped) (part of 14401) 3 3F818 Steering wheel rotation sensor (if equipped) 4 ...

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