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Base Engine Calibration Information

Base engine calibration information, sometimes referred to as the powertrain calibration, is located in the lower right corner of the vehicle certification label. Engine calibration information is limited to a maximum of 5 characters per line (2 lines maximum). Calibration information more than 5 characters long wraps to the second line of this field. Only the base calibration appears on this label. The revision level is no longer printed on the label. However, it can be found in the On-Line Automotive Service Information System (OASIS). For additional information on the vehicle certification label or engine calibration, refer to the Workshop Manual Section 100-01, Identification Codes.

Engine Calibration Information (Car)

Typical Car Vehicle Certification Label

Engine Calibration Information (Truck)

Typical Truck Vehicle Certification Label

Vehicle Certification Label Location

The vehicle certification label is typically located on the LH door or door post pillar.

Engine Calibration Code

 2011 Model Year Example

Engine Calibration Code: BB7 1 4D 0 A 00
B MODEL YEAR — Model year in which the calibration was first introduced. B equals 2011
B7 VEHICLE CODE — Vehicle line description. B7 equals Expedition
1 TRANSMISSION CODE — Transmission description. 1 equals automatic, 2 equals manual
4D UNIQUE CALIBRATION — Identifications are assigned to cover similar vehicles to differentiate between tires, drive configurations, final drive ratios and other calibration-significant factors.
0 FLEET CODE — Describes which fleet the vehicle belongs to. 0 equals Certification (U.S. 4K)
A CERTIFICATION REGION — Lead region code where multiple regions are included in one calibration. A equals U.S. Federal
00 REVISION LEVEL — Revision level of the calibration. 00 equals Job 1 production or initial calibration. (Not printed on vehicle certification label)

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