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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Fuel and refuelling

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Fuel and refuelling

Engine heater
CAUTION: Make sure you disconnect the power cable from the engine heater connector before driving away. Note: The engine heater connector is located in the radiator grille at the front of your ...

Safety precautions
WARNINGS: Stop refuelling after the fuel nozzle stops the second time. Additional fuel will fill the expansion space in the fuel tank which could lead to fuel overflowing. Fuel spillage could b ...

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Ford Focus Shock Absorber
  Item Part Number Description 1 W709634 Shock absorber lower bolt 2 18125 Shock absorber 3 18A161 Shock absorber upper mount 4 W520102 Shock absorber upper nut Removal NOTICE: Suspension fasteners a ...

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