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Air Distribution and Filtering


The air distribution system is not designed for use with a cabin air filter. A cabin air filter is not installed from the factory and is not available as a dealer installed accessory.


The temperature blend door and airflow mode doors are positioned by electric actuators. No vacuum-operated components are used in the climate control system.

There are 2 sources of air available to the air distribution system:

Recirculated air is always used when the HVAC module is set to the MAX A/C mode and can be selected in any mode except DEFROST.

Air distribution within the vehicle is determined by the airflow mode selected. Airflow mode control doors are used to direct airflow within the air inlet duct and plenum chamber. Electric mode door actuators are used to position the airflow mode doors.

Air enters the passenger compartment from the following outlets:

Passenger compartment air is exhausted from the vehicle through open windows or body air vents.

Ventilation Doors

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