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Ford Focus Service Manual: Axles - Front Drive Halfshafts

Ford Focus Service Manual / Powertrain / Driveline / Axles - Front Drive Halfshafts

The front halfshafts consist of the following:

The front halfshafts transmit torque generated by the engine from the transaxle to the wheels. In order to allow vertical and horizontal movement of the wheels, the front drive halfshafts operate at varying lengths and angles. The tripod CV joints allow for changes in halfshaft length during axial movements. The caged balls of the outer CV joint permit the articulation of the front wheels and retain the stability of the intermediate and interconnecting shafts.

Special care should be taken when removing and installing or assembling and disassembling front halfshafts. The inner tripod joint must not be bent at more than 18 degrees. Do not allow the boots to come into contact with sharp edges or the hot exhaust system. Do not drop the front halfshaft as this can damage the inside of the boots without any signs of damage showing on the outside. Do not use front halfshafts as levering tools for the installation of other components. The front halfshafts must always be supported when disconnected from the wheel ends.

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