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Ford Focus Service Manual: Transfer Shaft

Special Tool(s)

Installer, Balance Shaft Bearing 303-551 (T96P-6A333-CH)

Puller, Bearing
205-D064 (D84L-1123-A) or equivalent

Remover/Installer, Front Wheel Hub 204-069 (T81P-1104-C)

Step Plate
205-D015 (D80L-630-4) or equivalent


  1. Using the Bearing Puller, Front Wheel Hub Remover/Installer and the Step Plate, remove the RH transfer shaft gear bearing.

  1. Using the Step Plate and a press, remove the LH transfer shaft gear bearing while separating the gears.


  1. Using the Balance Shaft Bearing Installer, install the RH transfer shaft gear and park gear assembly.

  1. Using the Balance Shaft Bearing Installer, assemble the gears and install the LH transfer shaft gear bearing.

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