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Ford Focus Service Manual: Brake Drum

Item Part Number Description
1 1248 Dust cap
2 3B477 Wheel hub nut
3 1113 Brake drum


  1. Remove the wheel and tire. For additional information, refer to Section  204-04.
  1. Remove and discard the dust cap.
  1. NOTICE: Do not use power tools to remove the wheel hub nut or damage to the spindle may occur.

    NOTICE: If the bearing inner race(s) become separated from the bearing assembly, a new bearing must be installed. Reassembly and installation of the bearing that has become disassembled will result in bearing failure.

    Remove and discard the wheel hub nut and remove the brake drum.


  1. NOTICE: When tightening the new wheel hub nut, rotate the brake drum counterclockwise until the correct torque is achieved or damage to the wheel bearing may occur.

    NOTICE: Avoid impact on the wheel speed sensor ring and any contact between the sensor ring and a magnetic surface or damage to the sensor ring may occur. Make sure the wheel speed sensor ring is clean or sensor failure may occur.

    NOTICE: A new wheel hub nut must be installed or incorrect clamp load may occur resulting in wheel bearing failure.

    Position the brake drum and wheel hub assembly and install a new wheel hub nut.
    • While rotating the brake drum in the opposite direction, tighten the wheel hub nut to 235 Nm (173 lb-ft).
  1. NOTICE: A new dust cap must be installed or bearing failure may occur.

    Install a new dust cap.

  1. Install the wheel and tire. For additional information, refer to Section  204-04.
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