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Ford Focus Service Manual: Compass Calibration

  1. NOTE:

    For optimum calibration, drive to an open, level location away from large metallic objects or structures such as bridges, steel buildings, etc. Switch off all non-essential electrical accessories (heated rear window, heater fan, A/C, map lamps, and wipers) and make sure all doors are closed.

    Start the vehicle.

  1. NOTE:

    The vehicle remains in CAL mode until the compass has been successfully calibrated.


    While pressing and holding the Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) preset buttons 7 and 9, the compass display first enters the ZONE setting mode (after 5 seconds) and then after another 5 seconds (10 seconds total), the compass display enters the CAL mode.

    Press and hold the FCIM preset buttons 7 and 9 for approximately 10 seconds until the CAL indicator appears in the compass display, then release the buttons.
  1. NOTE:

    If the CAL indicator does not turn off after the vehicle is driven in a circle at least 5 times, repeat the procedure.

    Drive the vehicle slowly at less than 5 km/h (3 mph) in a continuous circle until the C or CAL indicator disappears from the display and the compass heading is displayed.

  1. If the C or CAL indicator does not turn off after driving in a circle at least 5 times (and the procedure has been repeated at least once), install a new compass module (integral to the interior rear view mirror). For additional information, refer to Interior Rear View Mirror in Section  501-09.

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