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Ford Focus Service Manual: Compass Zone Adjustment

Compass Calibration Zone Map

  1. Refer to the compass calibration zone map to select the correct compass zone setting for the geographic location of the vehicle.
  1. With the key in the ON position, press and hold the Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) preset buttons 7 and 9 for approximately 5 seconds until the compass display shows the current zone setting (ZONE XX). Release the 7 and 9 buttons.
  1. NOTE:

    Approximately 5 seconds after the buttons have been released, the compass display exits the zone setting mode.

    Before the zone setting mode turns off, momentarily press and release the FCIM preset buttons 7 and 9 to increase the zone increment by one. Set the zone display number to match the vehicle geographical location that is shown on the compass calibration zone map.

  1. To exit the zone setting mode, release all FCIM buttons for 5 seconds.
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