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Ford Focus Service Manual: Door - Removal and Installation

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Front door shown, rear door similar.

Item Part Number Description
1 F5422823 Front door upper hinge-to-door bolts
2 5422800 RH/ 5422801 LH Front door upper hinge
3 W708052 Front door hinge-to-body bolts
4 5422800 RH/ 5422801 LH Front door lower hinge
5 Front door
6 W710745 Front door lower hinge-to-door bolt

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the door check arm-to-body bolt.
    • To install, tighten to 23 Nm (17 lb-ft).
  1. NOTICE: To minimize the possibility of cross threading, hand start all fasteners during the installation.

    NOTICE: To avoid damaging the door, this step requires an assistant.

    Mark the position of each hinge and remove the upper and lower hinge-to-door bolts.
    • To install, tighten to 48 Nm (35 lb-ft).
  1. Remove the front door.
  1. To install, reverse removal procedure.
    • If necessary, align the door. For additional information, refer to Door Alignment — Front or Door Alignment — Rear in this section.
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Door Check Arm
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