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Ford Focus Service Manual: Doors

Striker Adjustment
Material Item Specification Multi-Purpose Grease XG-4 and/or XL-5 ESB-M1C93-B NOTE: Before adjusting the door latch striker plate, verify that the door can be c ...

B-Pillar Trim Panel - 2-Door
Removal and Installation Remove the scuff plate trim panel. For additional information, refer to Scuff Plate Trim Panel in this section. Release the quarter trim panel front retainer cl ...

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Ford Focus Air Conditioning (A_C) System Flushing
Special Tool(s) A/C Flush Adapter Kit 219-00074 or equivalent A/C Flush and Purge Machine 219-00022 (part of 219-00023) or equivalent Connector, Refrigerant Flushing Equipment 412-145 Material Item Sp ...

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