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Ford Focus Service Manual: External Controls

The manual transaxle external controls consists of the following:

The manual transaxle is controlled by a floor-mounted gearshift lever located in the floor console. Connection between the floor-mounted gearshift lever and the manual transaxle gearshift control assembly is made through 2 gearshift cables. When the operator moves the floor mounted gearshift lever, that movement is transmitted through 2 gearshift cables routed through the body to the transaxle. The 2 gearshift cables are attached to the transaxle at the gearshift control assembly. The gearshift control assembly transfers the movement of the gearshift cables to the shift rods and shift forks located inside the transaxle. Removal and installation of the gearshift cables requires specific adjustments for correct shifting of the transaxle. For information regarding gearshift cable adjustments, refer to Section  308-00.

The shift cable has white ends and the selector cable has black ends. The selector cable (black) does not have an adjustment.

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