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Ford Focus Service Manual: Fuel Injectors

Removal and Installation

  1. The fuel injectors are serviced with the fuel rail. For additional information, refer to Fuel Rail and Fuel Injector — Exploded View and Fuel Rail in this section.
Fluorescent Dye Leak Detection
Special Tool(s) Cordless/Rechargeable True UV LED Light ES 023-00182 or equivalent R-134a Loop/Add On Injector Kit-Set 219-00069 or equivalent ...

Fuel Tank and Lines - Description and Operation
The fuel system consists of: a Mechanical Returnless Fuel System (MRFS) . a standard fuel tank. fuel, vapor and brake tubes in an integrated bundle assembly attached to the underside of ...

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Material Item Specification Seam Sealer TA-2 — Removal and Installation Remove the front door speaker. For additional information, refer to Section  415-00. NOTE: Do not touch the adhesive surface during removal or installation of the wa ...

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