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Ford Focus Service Manual: Handles and Remote Openers

Ford Focus Service Manual / Body / Doors and Enclosures / Handles and Remote Openers

Hood Latch
Removal and Installation Remove the radiator grille. For additional information, refer to Section  501-08. Remove the 2 hood latch bolts. To install, tighten to 11 Nm (97 lb- ...

Door Handle Reinforcement - Exterior, Front
Removal All vehicles NOTE: The door window glass must be completely raised. Remove the front door latch. For additional information, refer to Front Door Latch in this section. Remov ...

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Ford Focus Servo Bore Repair
NOTE: The 4F27 Servo Bore Master Repair Kit NRL4F27 should be used to repair a transmission case with 2-4 band servo pin bore wear. The use of this kit will repair the 2-4 band servo pin bore back to OEM specifications. Install the drill jig and the 6mm bolts. Secure the 7/16 ...

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