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Ford Focus Service Manual: Homelink

Subwoofer - Removal and Installation
  Item Part Number Description 1 W505424-S Subwoofer bolts (4 required) 2 — Subwoofer amplifier electrical connector (part of 14A005) ...

Universal Transmitter - Description and Operation
On early build vehicles, the universal transmitter can be identified by the Homelink® symbol and one red indicator light. On late build vehicles, the universal transmitter uses the Lear Car2U® S ...

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Ford Focus Evaporative Emissions
NOTE: The vehicle emission vacuum routing diagrams are contained in the Description and Operation subsection of the Engine Emissions Control section. Refer to Section  303-08. The Evaporative Emission (EVAP) system consists of the: EVAP canister purge valve. EVAP canister. EVAP ...

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