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Ford Focus Service Manual: Universal Transmitter - Description and Operation

Ford Focus Service Manual / Accessories / Homelink / Universal Transmitter - Description and Operation

On early build vehicles, the universal transmitter can be identified by the Homelink® symbol and one red indicator light.

On late build vehicles, the universal transmitter uses the Lear Car2U® System. It is identified by the lack of a symbol, but with 3 red indicator lights. Each of the 3 buttons has a red indicator light located behind the 3 buttons.

The universal transmitter is an integral part of the LH sun visor and provides a convenient way to substitute up to 3 hand-held transmitters with a single built-in device. The universal transmitter can learn the radio frequency codes of most current transmitters. The universal transmitter:


Universal Transmitter Programming - General Procedures
Universal Transmitter Programming (Fixed Code) — Early Build (Homelink®) NOTE: A new battery in the hand-held transmitter may allow quicker and easier training due to a more accurate transmiss ...

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