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The message center is a fixed-format display integrated into the Instrument Cluster (IC) . The message center functions are controlled by the 3-button message center switch (located in the instrument panel center finish panel). The message center displays important vehicle information by constantly monitoring different vehicle systems. The message center notifies the driver of potential vehicle concerns by displaying a warning message pertaining to the system in which a fault has been detected.

The full-function message center provides the following features:

The message center information can be selected through a set of 3 buttons:

Information Displays

The information displays are non-timed modes. The selected mode remains on until the driver presses a message center button to change the mode or it is overridden by another mode.

The information (INFO button) display modes are:

Setup Displays

The setup (SETUP button) displays are timed modes and terminate after a finite interval. As part of the setup menu, the message center has the capability to configure items such as units (English or metric), to enable/disable a variety of options such as autolock and auto-unlock, or to carry out calibrations/settings on items such as oil life.

On configurable items such as autolock and auto-unlock, the message center indicates the appropriate selection (ON/OFF) by bracketing the selection. For example, if the driver selects the autolock feature on, the message would display as follows: AUTOLOCK 〈ON> OFF. If the driver selects the autolock off, the message would display as follows: AUTOLOCK ON 〈OFF>. For information on configurable items, refer to the Owner's Literature.

The setup display modes are:

System Check

The system check provides a check of all the monitored systems on the vehicle. The system check scrolls through each of the monitored systems and provides a visual indication to report out the status of each system. The message center displays OK for approximately 2 seconds if the system check does not detect a fault in the system and displays a warning message for approximately 2 seconds if the system check detects a fault in the system. Press the RESET button to scroll through the system check messages.

The system check display modes are:

System Warning Messages

The system warning messages alert the operator to possible concerns or malfunctions in the vehicle operating systems. The message center displays the last selected feature if there are no additional warning messages. Once a warning message has been displayed, the message must be acknowledged to allow full functionality of the message center. Press the RESET button to acknowledge and clear the warning message. The warning messages are divided into 3 basic categories:

The warning messages that cannot be reset are:

The warning messages that reoccur after 10 minutes are:

When a condition exists, the warning messages that are displayed whenever the ignition switch is turned from the OFF position to the ON position are:

The message center displays the warning messages that are used with the MyKey™ feature:

The message center displays warning messages that indicate a system state during repair procedures related to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) . The displayed messages are as follows:

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Message Center Switch
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