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Ford Focus Service Manual: Intake Manifold

Item Part Number Description
1 9288 Fuel supply tube
2 8K556 Coolant outlet
3 9D475 EGR valve
4 9E926 Throttle Body (TB)
5 6051 Cylinder head gasket
6 6010 Cylinder block
7 12A699 Knock Sensor (KS)
8 6754 Oil level indicator and tube
9 9424 Intake manifold
10 9439 Intake manifold gasket
11 6049 Cylinder head
12 9F593 Fuel injector (4 required)
13 9H487 Fuel rail

NOTICE: Do not loosen or remove the crankshaft pulley bolt without first installing the special tools as instructed in this procedure. The crankshaft pulley and the crankshaft timing sprocket are not keyed to the crankshaft. The crankshaft, the crankshaft sprocket and the pulley are fitted together by friction, using diamond washers between the flange faces on each part. For that reason, the crankshaft sprocket is also unfastened if the pulley bolt is loosened. Before any repair requiring loosening or removal of the crankshaft pulley bolt, the crankshaft and camshafts must be locked in place by the special service tools, otherwise severe engine damage can occur.

NOTICE: During engine repair procedures, cleanliness is extremely important. All parts must be thoroughly cleaned and any foreign material, including any material created while cleaning gasket surfaces, that enters the oil passages, coolant passages or the oil pan, can cause engine failure.


Assembly of the engine requires various inspections/measurements of the engine components (engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and piston rings). These inspections/measurements will aid in determining if the engine components will require replacement. For additional information, refer to Section  303-00.

Cylinder Head
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