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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Manual seats

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Do not use any accessory seat covers that are not specifically designed for seats with side airbags.

These seat covers must be fitted by properly trained technicians.

Do not adjust the seats while the vehicle is moving.

Moving the seats forwards or backwards

Pull the lever. Rock the seat to engage the catch.

Adjusting the lumbar support

Adjusting the height of the driver’s seat

Each pull or press on the lever will raise or lower the height by a small amount.

Adjusting the angle of the seatback

When the seats are slid fully forward the seatbacks can be fully reclined.

Sitting in the correct position
Sitting in the correct position WARNINGS: Do not adjust the seats when the vehicle is moving. Only when you use the seat belt properly, can it hold you in a position that allows the airb ...

Electric seats
Electric seats ...

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