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refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) when handling chemicals and wear protective equipment as directed. Examples may include but are not limited to respirators and chemically resistant gloves. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious personal injury.

NOTICE: Mastic is made of a combustible material and should be removed prior to carrying out welding procedures to the area. Heat zones from welding near the mastic may cause the mastic material to burn.

NOTICE: Corrosion protection must be restored to the area AFTER the mastic material is applied. Corrosion protection products may be wax based and loss of adhesion may occur.


To restore the vehicle to design intent, missing or damaged sound deadeners and insulators should be installed with the correct service replacement component.


The following illustrations serve as a reference to indicate mastic patch (butyl pad) locations. Additional insulators and sound deadeners are used beyond those indicated in the illustration.


Front door shown, rear door on 4-door sedan similar.

Item Part Number Description
1 20201 LH/ 20200 RH Door panel outer
2 99P30A2 Mastic patch material
3 20125 LH/ 20124 RH Door assembly

Roof Panel


Mastic material indicated in illustration, use common base part number (99P30A2).

Item Part Number Description
1 99P30A2 Mastic patch material

Underbody — Interior

Underbody — Exterior

  1. Whenever replacement of an existing mastic insulator is carried out, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned to make sure correct adhesion will occur. The surface should be 10°C (50°F) or greater before applying the mastic. The use of a heat gun to warm the metal surface will aid in adhesion.
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