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Ford Focus Owners Manual: Rear under floor storage

Ford Focus Owners Manual / Load carrying / Rear under floor storage

3-door and 5-door with full-size spare wheel

To gain access to the storage areas, raise the carpet.

Luggage covers
WARNING: Do not place objects on the luggage cover. 3-door and 5-door Estate Pull out the cover and secure it in the retaining points. Release it from the retaining points and let ...

Cargo nets
Cargo retention net To install the cargo retention net cassette: Remove the luggage cover. Push the sliders on the cassette towards each other and insert the telescopic bar into the holes on ...

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Ford Focus Mode Door Actuator - Defrost_Panel_Floor Door
  Item Part Number Description 1 — Defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator electrical connector (part of 18B604) 2 — Defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator screw (2 required) 3 19E616 Defrost/panel/floor mode door actuat ...

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