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Removal and Installation

  1. Push the buttons on the head restraint guides and remove the head restraint(s).
  1. NOTE:

    If the locking tab on the head restraint guide is damaged during removal, a new head restraint guide must be installed.

    Remove the head restraint guides.

    • Insert an appropriate flat-blade screwdriver along side the head restraint guide below the backrest cover and release button.
    • Release the locking tab and pry upward to remove.

  1. Release the lower J-clip and hook-and-loop strip.
  1. NOTICE: Use care when separating the backrest trim cover from the hook-and-loop strips, or the hook-and-loop strips can be torn from the backrest foam pad.

    Invert the backrest cover and remove the row of hog rings.

  1. Invert and remove the backrest cover.
    • Route the latch release strap through the backrest cover opening.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
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